Monday, 21 Sep 2020

Essay – how to tips

An essay, in simple words, is a structured and planned collection of ideas and views about any topic. Essays must always be nicely written and well presented to obtain the desired result.

Learning how to write an essay is something which is not only going to assist people in their school and college career but throughout their entire lives as well. The skills to write a compelling essay can even help people in their professional life as well. Other than speaking, writing is another very common and persuasive method of communication.

Tip 1. Develop your plan before writing.

When writing an essay you have to follow, a procedure that incorporates thinking, planning, reading and organizing your thoughts. You need to present a detailed study on your topic and then understand it. You’re needed to do enough research on the topic of your interest and after which try to reflect on the topic and make some notes, which will assist you in the documentation process.

Tip 2. The Introduction part

Start your essay with an introductory paragraph briefing out how you aim to answer the question. You may be required to add a bit of background as to why the question has been asked, and place it in a wider context.

Within your introduction, you may also want to discuss the definition of any complex terms and what you think the question is trying to explain. It is also a good approach to give a brief outline of how you plan to structure your answer.

Tip 3. The Main body

After you have created your introduction, then move onto the body of your essay. This is the main section where you are supposed to explain and assess possible reasons that may help solve the question at hand. The notes you made during your study at this point will help you in elaborating on the topic and in this way your body will be developed.

For every main body paragraph giving a possible reason, do not forget to start the paragraph by detailing the reason after which you move on to outline different arguments and examples explaining why this factor may be strong or weak.

Tip 4. The Conclusion part

Your essay should finish with a concluding paragraph which summarizes what has been covered. You may wish your conclusion to draw attention perhaps to one or two of the stronger or more surprising reasons outlined in the main body of your essay.

Remember that it is important that your essay is written in good English. Read it louder and if you find any mistake then correct it. And if the length of the essay is too long, then try to break it into smaller paragraphs. However, it should ensure that it contains enough information and if it is argumentative, make sure you provide enough data so that it looks genuine. If need be, you can as well refer to some editorials from newspapers and magazines.

Remember to use a new paragraph when introducing a new idea, as it will help you to bring clarity to your essay, to you and your intended audience.