Monday, 21 Sep 2020

Get back in the game, your engineering degree is waiting for you

For this such case, we may have a solution in mind. Skill Certified is a company which could potentially make your careers goals come through. If you have worked in the relevant field for long enough you may be able to gather a certification for the work which you have been involved. This way you don’t need to take the time and money out to study for your course, you have already got hands-on experience in the relevant field!

Make Your Own Career

With skill certified giving you the opportunity to turn your work into credits towards your degree, what’s stopping you from going ahead with it? Not only will you keep working, but you won’t have to study as much as the regular degree makes you study and you won’t have to serve the experience time which they ask at the end of your degree, because it will already have been served.
The certificate iv engineering mechanic degree from Skill Certified, gives you the chance to make your career and not trail the rest of your life in a job. It’s important to understand the difference between the two of them.  A job is unsecure, it could go any time and leave you at a loose end, and a career is something which you can stick in forever and have a great degree of security along the way.

What to Expect in the Degree

Well, the degree is called “Fabrication trade qualification” which Skill Certified refers to as certificate 3 engineering mechanic. This involves creating, shaping and remoulding metals and iron into new things in order for them to be sold and used for other things in their respective fields.
You will be involved in welding, metal polishing and sheeting etc. along the way you will also be taught to use electronic equipment to aid you in the process of controlling the metals. This will be involved in the short education matter which will come after your initial work experience is reviewed.

Why Do I Need A Career?

Well… you really don’t if we’re being honest here. People spend their entire lives working a job and just getting by that way. There are several benefits to having a career and a certification of your knowledge and experience. You have more security for your future, it’s easier to find more work and with some sort of evidence that you actually do know your stuff, you can avail the opportunity to get promotions and pay raises. Being more specific, and cutting it short, a career with a degree in hand is just a much safer option than winging it and moving from job to job in the hope that someone keeps you and that you make decent money along the way.

We hope that you weight the options and make a decision which will be beneficial to you. Sometimes pursuing a career just isn’t the right thing to do at that point in time. It’s really the person themselves who know what to do and when to do it. We can only provide options and recommendations. At the end the decision is yours