Friday, 7 Aug 2020

Medical careers for those who can’t be doctors

Many people aspire to be doctors and to work in a hospital or medical environment but the reality for many is that the studies are too expensive or the commitment too onerous. For many it is a lifelong regret that they are not able to reach their dream. But not being able to study medicine does not need to spell an end to your medical ambitions. We are not talking setting up practice as a quack or anything as dodgy as that, what e are saying is that for those people who really want to be involved in a medical environment that there are plenty of alternative options to consider. Here are a few angles that could be worth looking into.


Hospitals and medical practices do not run themselves, they are powered by top class administrators and managers. In many instances these people are doctors themselves, but this is not always the case. Just because somebody is a good doctor does not mean that they will be a good administrator and there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in hospital management and the health care industry without having the title doctor in front of your name. Administrators deal with all the non-diagnostic or surgical elements of the operation. It is ordering hospital supplies, managing staff, running the finances and a huge range of other activities. Hospitals are like giant hotels for sick people and the operational elements that go on behind the scenes are vast.

Paramedical angles

There are many careers and jobs that are hospital-based but that are not actually medical doctor roles. These are people like physio, occupational or speech therapists, nurses and radiographers. They are all essential roles in a properly functioning hospital, and they are all very worthy and rewarding careers. They all require plenty of studying and have great scope for career development, what is missing is the title of doctor and the ability to prescribe medicine or perform surgery – not really the end of the world!

Save lives

If it is the thrill of the emergency and the ability to save lives that is what attracts you, then look into qualifying as an emergency responder or ambulance driver. These people are the front line of accident and emergency activities and more often than not they are the difference between life and death. Doctors stay in eth safe confines of the hospital to do their thing, it is these people who are out and about with sirens blaring and the adrenaline pumping.

Medical repping

For those who like sales and the commercial side of medicine it could be worth looking at a role with a pharmaceutical company, repping their products and doing the rounds with doctors. Reps are the people who make sure that doctors and pharmacists are aware of what the latest medications on the market are. They call regularly on doctors and they often get to travel the world, attending conferences and talking about their products. It is a long way from saving lives, but it is a role that will still have you earning well and spending hours every day in the hospital and its environs.





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