Monday, 21 Sep 2020

Ways to make your post-school dreams come true

When it comes time to leave school and enter the so-called real world there are often a lot of options on the table. In many instances though, those options need to be tempered by reality. You might want to travel the world, or study to be a doctor, but finances always need to be taken into consideration and in many cases, they are the reasons that dreams need to be modified. So, it is important to be realistic, but it is also important to keep your eye on the prize. Just because finances are an issue when you finish school, doesn’t mean that you can’t do something about it. Here are a few ideas to help you deal with reality while at the same time ensuring that your dream doesn’t die.

Study online

One of the realities about attending a bricks and mortar University is that it is very expensive. Online studying has become increasingly simple and by turning to the internet for courses and opportunities you suddenly find that the options, and the price points available for consideration are vast. Courses are also easy to research as all you need is a bit of time and a search engine. Start by entering a phrase like ‘diploma in construction management’ into a browser and see what comes up. You might just be amazed. Online study will help you achieve your tertiary dreams without costing too much.

Take it step-by-step

Recognize that if your primary goal is not attainable immediately that it can be reached with a bit of thought and strategy. If you want to be a doctor but cannot afford the university fees, recognize that you might need to qualify as something else first. It might be necessary to work as a paramedic first in order to save the money that you need to fund college. The key here is to be smart about it and not to expect other people to make it happen for you. Almost certainly your parents would want to assist, but if they are not able to then it is up to you to sort the situation out.

Plan ahead

If travel is something that you want to do before settling down to a more regular lifestyle, then think about ways which will allow you to work your way around the world. Make sure that you have skills that can be used anywhere and that you have some work experience. If you plan to tend bars, make sure that you can mix a mean cocktail. Do a barista course and learn how to make real coffee. Spend some time working in the building industry if you think that construction work is a good way to earn a living while abroad. Whatever your strategy is, make sure that you are not leaving it up to fate and that you have done as much as possible to take control of your own destiny. Done properly, you should be able to work your way around the world, have amazing adventures and still come back home with enough cash saved to be able to pay for your education.